Global Pages and Blocks

On a webite, certain elements such as header and footer appear from pages to pages. On Open Orchestra it would be a pain to contribute again and again those elements in each node. To avoid this, Open Orchestra provide a way to contribute some part of a website once for all. This feature is delivered by the Global pages and the Global blocks functionalities.

A “Global block” is a block contributed once and that can be include in any node. Those blocks are contributed in a special node type that can be seen as a “Global block” repository : a “Global page”.

Global pages

Global pages can be accessed through the main menu of the Back Office. They have several languages, don’t have a workflow and have only one version.


Contribution of global pages works the same way as other pages (see Node).

Global blocks

When contributing a block in area, available blocks are shown in a modal. Global blocks that have been contributed in global pages appear with a blue background, while standard blocks appear in orange.


Contribution of global blocks works the same way as other blocks (see managing block in node), except that they can be edited only on the node they where created in, ie their global page.