Open Orchestra is developped on a specific environment, making that environment our reference. Open Orchestra is certified and supported on that reference environment. This document provides you the different technologies required to reproduce that reference environment.

Basic Requirements

These requirements are mandatory to run Open Orchestra on a reference environment.

Operating System Debian 8.4 (Jessie)
Web server Apache/2.4.10
Database Mongodb 2.6.12
PHP (mod_php + cli) PHP 5.6
PHP Extensions Mongo > 1.2.12, <1.7-dev Imagick OPcache > 7.0.6 Mbstring Curl Intl
npm 1.4.28
Node.js 0.10.36

Optional requirements

These requirements are optionals to run Open Orchestra. They are used on our reference environment for optional functionalities.

Reverse proxy Varnish 4.0.2

For a development server, we recommend you to add some packages:

Selenium (with Xvfb) 2.44.0