Block Override


From time to time, the block provided by Open Orchestra will fulfill some of your requirements but you would want to modify a little part of their behaviour.

As the block is partially functional, you do not want to create an other block with the functionality.

We provide you different ways to override part of the Open Orchestra block which depends on your use case :

Override the template of a block

Overloading the template of a block is achieved by creating a template in the following folder structure :

|_ app
    |_ Resources
        |_ {BUNDLE_NAME}
            |_ views
                |_ {PATH_TEMPLATE}
                    |_ {FILENAME}

Example :

You need to override the template of the Content List Block block from the Back Office to display additional datas.

|_ Open-orchestra
    |_ open-orchestra-cms-bundle
        |_ BackofficeBundle
            |_ Ressources
                |_ views
                    |_ Block
                        |_ ContentList
                            |_ show.html.twig

Open-orchestra/open-orchestra-cms-bundle/BackofficeBundle/Ressources/views/Block/ ContentList/show.html.twig

You simply create your template in next folder:

|_ app
    |_ Resources
        |_ OpenOrchestraBackofficeBundle
            |_ views
                |_ Block
                    |_ ContentList
                        |_ show.html.twig


See again symfony2 documentation

Override directly a block

As an introduction to this part, being familiar with the block parameter documentation page is a requirement.

Open Orchestra gives you two ways to override a block.

Override the service

You can directly replace a block by overloading its service. All open-orchestra blocks have their referenced class in the parameters from config file.

# open-orchestra-cms-bundle/BackofficeBundle/Ressources/config/display.yml
    open_orchestra_backoffice.display.content_list.class: OpenOrchestra\BackofficeBundle\DisplayBlock\Strategies\ContentListStrategy
    open_orchestra_backoffice.display.content.class: OpenOrchestra\BackofficeBundle\DisplayBlock\Strategies\ContentStrategy

It’s thus possible for you to override these parameters and thus overload the class from service.

    open_orchestra_backoffice.display.content_list.class: Foo\ExampleBundle\Blocks\Strategies\ContentListStrategy

This method won’t give you the opportunity to change the class constructor and all the dependancy injected to the block.

Override the full block

To override an existing block by its name, you have to add your block in the services form config file. Don’t forget the tag in your declaration.

        class: "%itkg.display.content_list.class%"
            - { name: open_orchestra_backoffice.display_block.strategy }

Finally, the getName method must return the same name as the overloaded block.

public function getName()
    return "block_name";

This method will give you the opportunity to totaly redifine the block, from the dependency needed to the working logic and the template used.