Filtering by keywordΒΆ

In some context, Open Orchestra authorize to use boolean expression to filter with keywords. In the content search block, for example, keywords are used to specify which contents must be showed.

This expression fits the following syntax:

  • priority between the terms is specified by brackets,
  • parenthesis, beginning the expression, is followed by a space,
  • parenthesis, ending the expression, is preceded by a space,
  • parenthesis, nor beginning, nor ending is preceded and followed by a space,
  • parenthesis with no space will be considered as being in the attached keyword,
  • brackets can not be empty,
  • two operators are allowed, OR and AND,
  • operator is preceded and followed by a space,
  • expression can not beginning or ending with an operator,
  • an operator cannot be immediately followed.

The whole expression can be typed or buttons can be used to enter brackets and operators.

If the expression is correctly formatted all brackets and operators will be in green color, else red.