Blocks natively available

Open Orchestra comes with a set of blocks that can be used as-is in a website and cover a wide range of use cases.

Content blocks

Content list

The content list block displays a list of elements belonging to a given content type (see the documentation page for contributing new contents). Usefull to list all the contributions for a specific content type that have been created.


This block displays a single object of a specific content type. It’s commonly used to be on the target page when a user clicks on an item of a content list block.

On the page where it is used, there must be a contentId parameter in the URL so the content to display can be retrieved.

Configurable content

Same as before, but here the content object to display will always be the same and will not rely on the URL. Therefore it is directly configurable in the block parameters.

Rich text

Using a rich text editor, this block can be told to render nicely formatted text. Usefull to display information that is not dynamic.

Media blocks


The carousel is a block that will display auto-changing images at a given frequency. The list of images that are displayed is chosen in the block configuration and must be part of the media library.


This block can display a video hosted on YouTube, Dailymotion or Vine services.

Media list by keyword

Displays the medias from the library that are matching a given keyword.

Miscellaneous blocks


A block used for login purposes that provides two fields : username and password.


This block implements social sharing through the AddThis service.

Audience analysis

The audience block is designed to track users behavior with Xiti or Google Analytics services.


The Gmap displays a google map centered on a preset geographic point.


In order for the visitors to contact the website administrator, this block renders a form and sends the visitor’s message as an email to a configured electronic address.