Using other database type


Open orchestra uses by default a MongoDB database. If you want to use another type of database like SQL, you will need to tune some settings and to replace some files.

Configuration: object manager

By default, Open Orchestra uses Doctrine ODM to map database documents to objects. If you want to use another document manager, the new manager must implement Doctrine\Common\Persistence\ObjectManager. You also have to declare it in the configuration:

    object_manager: namespace/of/objectManager

Override mongo documents and repositories

Some bundles have dependencies to mongoDB. The way to replace them depends on the type of dependencies.

Complete replacement of the package

The open-orchestra-model-bundle and open-orchestra-base-api-mongo-model-bundle are mongoDB implementations of Open Orchestra entities. To use another database, you have to replace these packages by new ones adapted to your database.

Bundle replacement

Some bundles included in Open Orchestra packages are model bundle developped for mongoDB. To use another database, these bundles must not be activated in the appKernel and must be replaced by yours. These are:

open-orchestra-workflow-function-bundle : - WorkflowFunctionAdminBundle - WorkflowFunctionModelBundle

open-orchestra-media-bundle: - MediaModelBundle

open-orchestra-cms-bundle - GroupBundle - ModelLogBundle

open-orchestra-user-bundle - UserModelBundle