Add panel to an administration view


In Open Orchestra, if you want to edit an element, you can only display the full form. In some cases you want to embellish the edition by splitting the full form into some smaller one.

Open Orchestra already provides you a way to use a custom Backbone view. This solution may be possible but will require a large customization of the form view.

To prevent you from doing this work, Open Orchestra provides a way to add multiple tabs in your edition form like in the user edit page.


Panel System

Each element facade contains a list of meta links that may be used to display specifics meta-information or forms to add, modify or delete them. The most commons links are :

  • _self_add url to the add form action
  • _self_form url to the edit form action
  • _self_delete url to the delete form action
  • _self_meta url to meta-information

All of these links are used by Open Orchestra Javascript code to send ajax calls and display different administration forms. Edit page of administration items uses _self_form link to display the edit page.

To add a new panel with your own form to this one, add a link to the facade, prefixed by _self_panel.

$facade->addLink("_self_panel_" + $linkName, $route);

Then add panel’s title to the form template in the Controller of the panel

return $this->renderAdminForm($form, array('title' => $title));


Here is an example of how the panel is used to add a workflow form to Users page.

To add this link without modifying the UserTransformer which creates the facade, we recommend to listen UserFacadeEvents::POST_USER_TRANSFORMATION with an event subscriber to modify the facade by your own after the UserTransformer work:

class AddWorkFlowLinkSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface
    protected $router;

    public function __construct(UrlGeneratorInterface $router)
        $this->router = $router;

    public function postUserTransformation(UserFacadeEvent $event)
        $facade = $event->getUserFacade();

    public static function getSubscribedEvents()
        return array(
            UserFacadeEvents::POST_USER_TRANSFORMATION => 'postUserTransformation',

Register the event subscriber as a service in a configuration file:

    open_orchestra_workflow_function_admin.subscriber.add_workflow_link.class: OpenOrchestra\WorkflowFunctionAdminBundle\EventSubscriber\AddWorkFlowLinkSubscriber
        class: "%open_orchestra_workflow_function_admin.subscriber.add_workflow_link.class%"
            - \@router
            - { name: kernel.event_subscriber }

Then add title to the formAction function in the WorkflowRightController

 * @Config\Route("/form/{userId}", name="open_orchestra_backoffice_workflow_right_form")
 * @Config\Method({"GET", "POST"})
public function formAction(Request $request, $userId)
   // Generate the form

   $title = 'open_orchestra_user_admin.form.title';
   $title = $this->get('translator')->trans($title);

   return $this->renderAdminForm($form, array('title' => $title));